Latin American Association of Forensic Anthropology

New Forensic Anthropology Magazine

ALAF has partnered with Forensic Anthropology, a new scientific publication by the University of Florida Press. The magazine edited by Nicholas V. Passalacqua, Angi Christensen, and Joseph Hefner, plans to launch the first issue by January 2018.

The inscription of manuscripts is open and can be found here

Forensic Anthropology is looking for articles specifically focused on technical advances, population data and case studies related to the retrieval and analysis of human remains in forensic contexts. Forensic Anthropology will have option of articles and electronic subscription (without free access). The review process is double-blind, so reviewers will not know who the author of the manuscript is. The time for publication after acceptance is approximately six months.

The purpose of this publication is to support all facets of forensic anthropology and serve as a space to foster discussions about the research, policy, and application of what forensic practice in the world means.

This collaboration between ALAF and Forensic Anthropology implies that the University of Florida Press will offer discounts to active members of ALAF, in addition the editorial committee of Forensic Anthropology will include at least one member of ALAF. In return, ALAF members are expected to support Forensic Anthropology as the place to publish their work and to encourage their colleagues to publish as well.

The editors are working on the text that will be used on the cover of the magazine to demonstrate the alliance between organizations. This text will be similar to: Forensic Anthropology would like to acknowledge their partnership with Latin American Association of Forensic Anthropology ...

Editors welcome suggestions on other opportunities for collaboration to move forward.

For more information you can contact:

Nicholas V. Passalacqua

Angi Christensen

Joseph Hefner: