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Clyde Snow Scholarship



The Latin American Association of Forensic Anthropology-ALAF- has the honor of convening the Dr. Clyde Snow Scholarship, which will be awarded to a student or junior professional in the field of Forensic Anthropology in Latin American. As knowledge of the Latin American forensic scientific community, Dr. Snow was key to the application of Forensic Anthropology in many of the countries and organizations that are part of our association. As ALAF we see the importance of being able to honor the legacy of Dr. Snow through this scholarship, which was approved in a General Assembly held during the X ALAF Congress held in the city of Santiago de Chile in October 2014.

The Dr. Clyde Snow Scholarship was implemented within the Latin American Association of Forensic Anthropology (ALAF), in order to pay tribute to the legacy Dr. Snow left in all the Latin American countries where he provided his work, knowledge, dedication, and passion for more than three decades.



  1. • a. Student or junior professional (beginner) in the subject of Forensic Anthropology, from any country in Latin America.

  2. • b. Motivation letter stating why you want to attend the ALAF conference and how it would benefit you and your community.

  3. • c. Curriculum Vitae, (No more than three pages), indicating your academic and professional history.

  4. • d. Two letters of recommendation from forensic professionals in your community.


All information must be sent to the email

Deadline for receipt of applications: August 1, 2017

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